Looking for people urgently.....

please can anyone help

By Kate Murray

Please can anyone help me.....I'm looking for a Micky Williams,he would be late forties now. He had a brother who was a bit younger called Paul, I think, and his dad  who was a bit older then his mum. I'd appreciate any help. He was last known in Lisson Grove..many many thanks in advance.

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I am looking for Margaret Cherry or her descendants or Betty Bliss who had lovely red wavy hair and hated it!

By Peggy Carpenter nee Crooks
On 10/05/2014

Dear Kate,
I just have read your post that you are looking for M. Williams...I personally don't know this person. But I guess I can be helpful of somewhat. There is a pub on Church Street named 'The Traders Inn'. I have been working there for the last 5 years and know almost all the local pub-goers, most of them living all of their lives on Church Street and now at their late ages. So, I am sure, it won't be too hard to find a person (ie: M. Williams) or his relations. I know a few people named Micky, but not their surnames. 
If you want, I can start looking for him. Obviously, I will keep it confidential, unless you ask me not to. Alternately, you can meet me personally in the pub and I'll be happy to introduce you with locals.

Good luck. :)

By Ryan
On 03/07/2014

My name is Michael Wilson and I lived in Wyatt house, Orchardson Street, !960s-1970s, born in Frith House, Frampton Street 1948.

Would love to know if any of your customers remember the Dillon family from Church Street Flats or the Clarkes ( Frankie, Johnny), the Williams (Keith, Robin), the Lucases(Kenny and Terry)or any other guys from that time?

By Michael Wilson
On 12/11/2014

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