Gateforth School

Photo:Gateforth School, 1885

Gateforth School, 1885

City of Westminster Archives

By Georgina Colbeck

Tony Heath remembers:

My recollections of Gateforth School are mixed. The freezing cold boys' lavatory on the roof, wet play-time in what was really the coke store, gas lights in the classrooms along with a coal fire, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Ellis and her Siamese cats, Miss Newsome, Misters Campbell and Wood and, most frightening of all, Miss Green!  She had a small bottle of Dettol hanging round her neck, presumably to ward off the evil which might have come from us kids.

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Comments about this page

I went to Gateforth School when I was about 3 or 4? There is a picture of me on the rooftop play ground.

By Patrick Kelly
On 10/12/2011

I'm not easily impressed but you've done it with that posting.

By Eve
On 28/12/2011

Times are changing for the better if I can get this online!

By Trevion
On 28/12/2011

Born in 1951 I went to Gateforth School from 1956 to 1961. There were not too many bright sparks amongst us. I remember only five of my class passed the 11+. The school was a warren of strange places, as well as the roof playground there was also one halfway up.

By Paul Glover
On 17/01/2015

I went to Gateforth School from about 1957 to 1959. The Headmistress was Miss Fox and one of my teachers was a Miss Caan. Does anyone else have the same memories?

By Laurie D'Eath
On 14/12/2016

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