Tesco Supermarket

Photo:Church Street Supermarket, where Tesco now stands 1961

Church Street Supermarket, where Tesco now stands 1961

Photograph by G W Slater

By Paul Glover

I remember shopping with my mum and dad in what I think was one of, if not the first, Tesco supermarkets in Church Street. I see it is still there. Isn't it amazing to think that when it first opened people were amazed by its size and range of products. I also used to be sent to the Co-op which was near the toilet block and had to remember our divi number, 049771. As a teenager I used to get all my fishing needs from (I think) Benwoods and have my hair cut two doors along.

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In 1968 as one of Tesco's youngest trainee managers, I spent some time at Tesco Church Street. It was orignally an Anthony Jackson's Foodfare, prior to their takeover by Victor Value. The store was converted to Tesco in early 1968 and had a "grand opening" by tv personality and DJ Simon Dee. I have some particularly fond memories of this store and rank it as my second favourite of the many Tesco stores I worked in. (My favourite was Uxbridge, a then brand new store, where I met my wife). Also liked the Regency Milk Bar in Edgware Road: Britain's greatest ice creams!

On 01/07/2015

I started work in 1964 at the old tram depot Charlton SE7. At that time Anthony Jacksons Foodfare supermarkets had taken it over for their new warehouse. It was over a quarter of a mile in length on two floors. We had the Pullman train carriage Princess Margaret moved into our sidings and used as our reception. The depot had plans to use the rail link it had together with its connection to the Thames Wharfage,but unfortunately overstretched their financial position and together with Victor Values were bought out by Tesco Supermarkets.

By david carter
On 02/12/2020

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