Jordan's Department Store

By Georgina Colbeck

Situated where Alfie's Antique Market stands today, Jordan's was a favourite with both local residents and visitors to Church Street.

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“Saturday was a really nice day with all the stalls especially Giljays with all the latest 45s and LPs playing all day. The dress shops and stalls. Jordans where you could get everything-Happy Days. Everything has changed”.

By Mrs. Eva Mills
On 29/04/2010

My brother-in-law (John Ambrosini ) nickname "Abo" remembers George Moore Cycle Shop on opposite corner to Jordans Dept store. They built frames to size and top quality equipment. 1950-60

On 25/06/2010

My grandparents lived above 14 Church Street... Jordans bed showroom I always remember the lucozade colour film on the windows. Apple fritters on a saturday afternoon when my brother and myself visited. He liked the jossticks. I liked the pretty indian bracelets. Jack Silver's fruit n veg stall, hard to believe they bought twin boys up in that very pristine flat.

By Gillian Waters
On 24/03/2011

I used to love going to Jordans to get kitted out every Christmas, Easter and Whitsun. Wish it was still there.

By Marie Baker
On 24/03/2011

I can remember Nanny taking me over there to Jordan's to buy me items. It was a wonderful shop above the bed showroom. Grandad would sit listening to the cricket or football and I would watch the market and public at work from the window. Grandad loved cricket and was a member of the Lords Cricket Club. I remember the Four Feathers Club too- good days they were!

By Gillian Waters
On 30/03/2011

My mum Lily Harris was a cleaner at the Four Feathers Club in the late 1950s. Happy days.

By Janet Baker nee Harris
On 17/01/2014

I might be mistaken but did Jordan's have one of those vacuum tube affairs to take your money to an upstairs office?

By Paul Glover
On 01/07/2015

My aunt Hilda Tampin worked at Jordan's for a few years. Church Street Market was the best. I liked watching the eels at the pie and eel shop next to Griffiths the dairy.

By Keith Tampin
On 26/07/2023

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