Murray's the butcher

By Georgina Colbeck

There was a time in Church Street when there were a record five butchers along the street. One of these butchers was Murray's. A range of products were available for purchase including saveloys, pease pudding and faggots.

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My brothers both worked for Murray in the late sixties and early seventies and they used to bring home meat which they gave to my Aunt. Her son would complain "not steak again mum can't we have sausages tonight".

By Marie Baker
On 24/03/2011

i remember murrays butchers, thats where nan bought her meat, everything was so well displayed and inviting.

By Gillian Waters
On 04/04/2011

Hi Ladies,

My name is Michael Wilson, I was born in Frith House,Frampton Street, in 1948. Went to Gateforth Street Primary School and Rutherford Secondary School, worked in Murray's on Saturdays whilst attending Rutherford and full-time for a couple of years on leaving school in 1963. Worked in both Church Street and Bell Street branches, great guys there, run by two brothers Ted and I think Jack?Great Days!

I went into the five star hotel industry and retired after 38 Years. My last years at The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, and now live in Antalya, Turkey.

I do visit Church Street a couple of times a year, changed a lot, but I suppose things never stay The same ):

Best Regards

Michael Wilson 

By Michael Wilson
On 22/10/2014

Murray's Saturday evening "offers", great service and bargains, lovely people with a sense of service :-)

By Paul Marioni
On 17/01/2015

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